Gigi Vincentine, Dr. TCM. Dip, R.TCM.P., R.Ac. treating a patient with acupuncture.

Once in my treatment room, my patients either lie face up or face down. Some patients have a preference, others leave it up to me.  My bed is heated with an Amethyst coiled infrared mat.  The Amethyst bed helps detoxify, alkalize and relax your body.  At this point I usually do a few minutes of Tuina Massage to help your Qi start to flow and allow your body to arrive and relax.  I also do this as a form of diagnosis, as the body can tell me many things.  The acupuncture points are then sterilized and needling begins.  Acupuncture needles vary in sizes and lengths.  Different needles are chosen for different areas in the body and for their different effects.  A longer thicker needle has more potential to move more Qi and vice versa.  Some patients are more sensitive than others and everything is chosen accordingly.  I have some needles that I use on babies that are so thin that they bend upon pressure. A tube is needed to insert them.  I also use these particular needles on adults in sensitive areas or sensitive patients in general.

The needles are left in for 15-30 minutes with a check in midway.  The needles come out and insertion sites are cleaned.  Massage is to follow with a check in to see how you are feeling.  At this point we discuss a plan of action and what your goals are and how we can attain them.  Herbal, Diet, Exercise and Diet Recommendations are made one step at a time.  I am always a little cautious in this regard, because I don’t want to overwhelm you.  I want to make your goals achievable and fun.