Gigi is more than a doctor. She is the empathetic friend, the psychologist who assesses verbally and energetically your state of mind and spirit at each session. She is very attentive to the patient’s individuality and uniqueness along with their needs at each individual session. Although there is a plan put together with the patient, each session is different and focuses on the patient’s journey for self discovery as a step forward towards healing.

Gigi is a silent guide into one’s self realization. She provides both spoken and unspoken cues during sessions when needed. She is a gentle doctor who truly listens while actively guiding her patients towards tapping into their inner resources to find the strength for healing. Her medical methods are numerous and applied as required. There’s a true sense of belonging during the sessions. I fully trust Gigi as a practitioner and for the last 4 years I was not even once in doubt that any of the treatments/ methods used/ suggested might not fit my body’s needs.

I highly recommend you have an open heart and trust that Gigi’s empathy, gentleness and solid knowledge and experience will allow you to get better both in body, mind and spirit.


Dr. Gigi is a skilled practitioner of East Asian Medicine. I felt very cared for in her healing hands and I floated home after my treatment.

Rebekah Demirel

I’ve been seeing Gigi for several years during my 2 pregnancies. Recently I decided to take my 2 year old daughter for an issue. Gigi’s calm presence and demeanour were instantly detected by my daughter. I was shocked at how still my little one stayed for Gigi to treat her. She was very relaxed and comfortable the entire time. I would highly recommend Gigi for working with children. My daughter requests “Dr Gigi” now when she’s not feeling well herself.

Tiffany Campbell

Very personable. Listens and has good advice. Comfortable to talk to and you feel she cares about you as an individual.

Eleanor Scott-Kerr

Dr. Gigi is an incredible healer. She creates a safe and comfortable healing space and intuitively knows how to help facilitate healing within your body. Hands down the best in town . I Highly recommend her!

Corry M.

The five stars are representative of the experience you will have with Gigi! I have been going to her for over 10 years now and she never disappoints !

Cindy Haverland

Thank you Gigi, for your expertise, your generous spirit, your kindness and your sense of humour. You rock!

Susanne L.

Gifted clinician. Kind, gentle and very supportive.

M. Iverson

Gigi is an incredible acupuncturist and lovely person! She has been so helpful with my migraines over the past three years. I could not recommend her more!

Ella Chan

Gigi is a very skilled practitioner and a wonderful person. She has helped me with numerous issues, ranging from knee pain to hormonal imbalance. I can’t recommend her enough!

Lisa Barrett-Chan