Initial Consultation is when we get to know each other, and it’s when we start to understand your body and how it works.  I than try and explain what is happening in terms of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Once we understand what’s happening it’s easy to find ways to attain a better balance within the disharmony.  Chinese Medicine is about putting you back in the driver’s seat.  There are so many ways to find balance but first we need to understand the imbalance.

Tongue and Pulse are integral to TCM Diagnosis.  The tongue is a microcosm of the whole body.  The tip of the tongue relates to the heart (the top of the body) and the back of the tongue relates to the kidneys, bladder, intestines (the bottom of the body).  So it’s a map of your internal organs!  The pulses are similar in that they reflect the strength and function of your internal organs.  There are 3 positions on each wrist that I feel very carefully for many different things. The rate is just one of a myriad of qualities I am feeling for.  In China and Taiwan, I witnessed many times over and over again, when the Doctors see a hundred patients a day, their diagnostic skills are so refined, most of them feel your pulse and look at your tongue and ask up to 3 questions and that’s it. An acupuncture prescription is ready and an herbal formula is being prepared.  I remember as a student I wanted to transpose their knowledge into my brain!  After 15 years of experience and dedication, I am still learning and enjoying my practice immensely.

Gigi Vincentine, Dr. TCM. Dip, R.TCM.P., R.Ac. taking her patient’s pulse.