Gigi Vincentine, Dr. TCM. Dip, R.TCM.P., R.Ac. treating a patient with tuina massage.

Tuina is a form of hands-on treatment that aims to do the same thing as acupuncture would. (move your Qi, increase circulation and alleviate pain). It can be used in conjunction with or on it’s own. Tuina can be gentle or more firm, superficial or deep. It all depends on the illness/symptoms and the patient.  The difference between let’s say a Swedish massage and a Tuina massage would be the philosophy behind it.  I am working with the meridian system and I am thinking of internal medicine while I’m doing the massage and looking to balance your whole body.  Other techniques like cupping or guasha may be incorporated. I often use these tools for lung imbalances or muscular skeletal pain. Moxa (warm mugwort stick) is another great way to promote circulation, with it’s warm penetrating properties.