I put this package together because I love treating pregnant women and I wanted to share the benefits of acupuncture for labour preparation. It’s a very special time for you as a woman and a mom-to-be and sometimes we need a little help to prepare for the big job ahead. I usually treat women on an ongoing basis while they are pregnant but this package was intended as a Pre-Birth preparation package for labour. Studies in New Zealand have shown that 3 acupuncture treatments (one a week for 3 weeks starting at around 36-37 weeks) greatly reduced the need for intervention during labour and decreased the hours in labour.

I also use this time to address any emotional concerns you might have and to be a resource for all things baby!

For further reading and research here is Debra Betts’ website.  She is a leader in the obstetrics  acupuncture field in New Zealand, where midwives regularly perform acupuncture during pregnancy and labour preparation.

You can also download this great resource on acupressure during labour by Debra Betts – NZRN,MBAA,NZRA.

Acupressure for Childbirth By Debra Betts NZRN,MBAA,NZRA