Tune up 🎻

Hello Everyone, how are you? how are we? how am I?

I’m checking in…I think I’m feeling a little sad, that’s natural this time of year, summer fun days are over😔. Autumn is the time that corresponds to Metal, the Lungs and Large Intestines. It also corresponds to the emotions of grief, disappointment, integrity and respect. I like to think of Autumn as a time of year of Receiving and Letting Go…breathing in and breathing out. The ease in which I breath, tells me a lot about my state of mind. I’m feeling a little heavy, so it’s my cue to take some time for myself to reflect on how I’m doing and do some breath work (pranayama in yogic terms). One of my favorite breathing practices is Dirgha Rechak Pranayama. This involves a regular inhale and a long slow extended exhale. Exhale with a pause at the end, allowing the inhale to come naturally. You can do 5 rounds any time of the day as part of your routine and it is also very helpful in times of stress.

So back to the Letting Go part. If only we could do that as easily as the trees let go of their leaves…maybe we can! With compassion and forgiveness anything can happen to make space for Receiving something new! That’s our practice.

Here’s a song that’s helping me let go


Autumn is a good time of year to take care of our bodies (our garden, our terrain). What have you been doing that’s been helping you? Email me gigivincentine@hotmail.com and share what you’ve been up to.

Practicing Gratitude helps put a spring in my step. A big thank you to you. My practice has been open since May, and I’ve been full and steady ever since…Alleluia! These times have not been easy for some. My heart goes out to you. Reach out if you are wanting to connect to yourself and find peace within, or you’re wanting a tune up to strengthen your immune system, or if you’re in pain of any kind. I’m in the clinic Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Take good care





Please note my prices will be going up in the new year 2021 by $5.