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Hello Everyone, how are you? how are we? how am I?

I’m checking in…I think I’m feeling a little sad, that’s natural this time of year, summer fun days are over😔. Autumn is the time that corresponds to Metal, the Lungs and Large Intestines. It also corresponds to the emotions of grief, disappointment, integrity and respect. I like to think of Autumn as a time of year of Receiving and Letting Go…breathing in and breathing out. The ease in which I breath, tells me a lot about my state of mind. I’m feeling a little heavy, so it’s my cue to take some time for myself to reflect on how I’m doing and do some breath work (pranayama in yogic terms). One of my favorite breathing practices is Dirgha Rechak Pranayama. This involves a regular inhale and a long slow extended exhale. Exhale with a pause at the end, allowing the inhale to come naturally. You can do 5 rounds any time of the day as part of your routine and it is also very helpful in times of stress.

So back to the Letting Go part. If only we could do that as easily as the trees let go of their leaves…maybe we can! With compassion and forgiveness anything can happen to make space for Receiving something new! That’s our practice.

Here’s a song that’s helping me let go


Autumn is a good time of year to take care of our bodies (our garden, our terrain). What have you been doing that’s been helping you? Email me gigivincentine@hotmail.com and share what you’ve been up to.

Practicing Gratitude helps put a spring in my step. A big thank you to you. My practice has been open since May, and I’ve been full and steady ever since…Alleluia! These times have not been easy for some. My heart goes out to you. Reach out if you are wanting to connect to yourself and find peace within, or you’re wanting a tune up to strengthen your immune system, or if you’re in pain of any kind. I’m in the clinic Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Take good care





Please note my prices will be going up in the new year 2021 by $5.

Stand in the light of your own being

“Stand In The Light of Your Own Being” is an elegant way of saying
Zheng Qi (Upright Qi)
A general term to describe the various forms of Qi that support/protect the body from exogenous pathogens. Usually used when contrasting the strength of the body’s Qi with the strength of an invading pathogen.
Here’s an exploration of the theory of Guest Host Theory. Over two thousand years ago, Zhang ZhongJing, author of the Shang Han Lun, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zhang_Zhongjing saw humans as part of the natural world. One of my teacher’s Dr. Edward Neal posted an elegant picture of a husband and wife kneeling down to welcome a guest that was also kneeling down, neither sides in battle with each other. It was very touching for me during these times where the Narrative at large is to protect ourselves from something evil. Viruses, bacteria, fungi are not evil per se, but they do their thing. They spread, they replicate, they have functions and programs. The take away from this image for me was to welcome the guest, have tea, and then send it on its way. Could our Zheng Qi accomplish this? Could my Zheng Qi accomplish this? Would I stay calm and not let my nervous system take over, taking energy from my precious immune system? Well I definitely have experience with both these scenarios, especially with the kids. When they were little, I remember not wanting them to be sick at all! I would get nervous and upset and do everything I could to get this thing out of them! Now as I mature (ha!) and the kids get older, I have more faith in their immune systems and I feel I allow them to get sick (have a guest) have tea, and send them on their way. There’s an idea that we will all benefit somehow and learn something. These days, this question percolates… It really does depend on our individual circumstances doesn’t it? We are all so different, with different histories and experiences. (and inside we are all the same)
In modern times, we often see ourselves as “Us vs Them” not with, but against. This need to protect and defend ourselves sometimes prevails, with good reason, sometimes…(but at what cost and could we do it differently?) I’ve been really investigating this idea within me, deep in my belief systems. Wow, I’ve experienced a lot more clarity into how I operate in the world, in my family, in my mind! I don’t think I’ve ever spent 8 weeks at home! I’m really curious as to how your experience has been. I am looking forward to welcoming you into my clinic, a place of connection and peace and letting go.
I’ll be getting in touch with those of you who had booked during the months of March, April and May, to re-book your appointments. Those of you who would like an appointment please contact me or visit my online Schedulicity calendar. Remember if you would like to work on something and you don’t feel comfortable coming into my clinic, we could set up a phone call or video chat.
Please feel free to express what you need when you come in. Bring or wear what you need to feel comfortable. We’ll do this together.
My first day in the clinic will be Monday May 25th. This will give me time to become familiar with the protocols put in place by the Ministry of Health and the CTCMA (College of Trad. Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists).
With deep respect and gratitude
My hours at the clinic: Mon 12-7 Wed 9-4:30 Fri 9-4:30 2508820659


“I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being.” Hafiz

“Stand in the light of your own being.” I originally saw this quote on Lillian Bridges website


How are you?

Hello! How are you?
I’ve been taking lots of moments to really ask myself how I’m doing…asking my body or heart space(not my mind, our mind plays tricks and just says I’m ok). I certainly have been feeling lots of different emotions. Then I ask myself, what do I need? That usually gets me somewhere. Making tea for myself is a self-care ritual I do often this time of year. Here’s a picture of my lemon balm growing in my strawberry patch. Lemon balm is a gentle nervine, that helps calm and rejuvenate the nervous system. I grab a handful and sometimes mix it with other herbs or green tea. Other herbs(or weeds) that are growing right now are dandelion greens, nettle, and cleavers. Weeds are very useful this time of year to help our bodies do what we are doing anyway. Detoxing! Yes the liver is saying hello with all it’s grumpiness and irritations. So grab some weeds, or leafy greens and add them to your day.
Lavender is another one of my go-tos. Essential oils are easy to use and affordable and lots of fun. In March I was using a lot of Thieves Oil https://marseillesremedy.com/ in my clinic and at home and now I’ve switched to more calming/ nourishing/ uplifting oils such as lavender, citrus, peppermint. Rose oil I keep handy for special times like these where my heart space needs softening. In Chinese Medicine, Rose helps move the Liver Qi. (moves pent-up energy)
I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family doing simple things: gardening, chores, bike rides etc. I’ve also been learning a lot online with my colleagues, staying connected that way. We’re doing a lot of meditations together, reviewing formulas and herbal combinations to help restore the body’s vitality through illness. Some of my colleagues in the States and China are sharing their approaches to Covid online for everyone to benefit and learn from their experience. Chinese Medicine has studied novel viruses for thousands of years. One of our special treasures is called the Shang Han Lun, written around 2000 yrs ago. We are still using the wisdom found in this treaty to help patients process this virus. The Shang Han Lun sees humans as part of nature. Seeing how our bodies can become in a workable relationship with nature. This really resonates with me and my belief systems. As I get older, I feel I want to protect myself less and less from others, or the outside world. I’m taking this time to go deeper inside myself and stay soft (when I can). Every day I say a prayer for all of you, and to all beings.
Today when I checked in with myself, I wanted to take pictures and write and connect. Voila!
Thank you for reading

Here’s my email if you want to say hello gigivincentine@hotmail.com



Let’s Connect!

Hello and big hugs to all of you. I have returned to Victoria after a week of hiking and biking with my family. Our family reunion plans to Guatemala were re-routed to Parksville. My husband and I decided Parksville beaches and trails would ease the blow of not seeing Grandma and Papa in the tropics…and it did!
I am sure things are feeling and looking differently for you too. I miss you and I am thinking of you! I have come up with some ideas I hope will address our needs. It’s a work in progress. Here goes:
I’m going to start calling my April bookings to check in with you to see how you are doing.
Next, I have set up 2 Telephone/Video options for us if you would like a longer more in-depth consultation.
30 Mins/$35
60 Mins/$80
Dr Bonnie Henry, our Provincial Health Officer has advised all Health Professionals to cease all non-essential services. I take this to mean non-acute or non-emergency care. This directive was received through my College (CTCMA) on March 23rd/2020. I have a stirring energy inside me that’s thinking, what about Preventative Care? or Convalescent Care? This is where Chinese Medicine has always provided so much hope and solutions. So whether it’s for emotional support, pain, herbal care and support, diet, acupressure protocols, yoga, meditation, breath work, you name it. I’m here. On my Schedulicity App, I have added 2 services to address these needs. These services can be done over the Phone, Messenger Video or Zoom. After I have checked in with you, I will cancel your in-clinic appointments for the month of April (we’ll start there). You can rebook your appointment as a Tele/Video if you would like a longer and more in-depth conversation. You can do this online now by clicking Schedule Now at the top of this page, or email, text, call 250.882.0659 gigivincentine@hotmail.com

Now we can connect no matter where you live!


We are never alone and please remember our bodies, mind and spirit have potentiality beyond words.
With Love
” I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being” Hafez

May we be filled with loving kindness
May we be well
May we be peaceful and at ease
May we be happy
May we know the depths of our true spacious nature
May we be healed in this moment
May we be free of fear


Happy Year of the Rat!


Happy Year of the Rat! The rat is the clever one who won the race by tricking the bull into carrying him until the finish line. At that point the rat jumped off and crossed the line before all the other animals. I know this story because I’m a rat. When I lived in Taiwan and found out I was a rat, all the children made sure I knew I wasn’t a lowly rodent, but that I was a clever rodent!
Lillian Bridges has written up the forecast for 2020. “Rats favor their young, so this is a year of youth empowerment and reclaiming one’s youthful self. People will feel younger and livelier.” That sounds good. To read more of her predictions, click the link below, than click the purple title that says The Year of The Rat Forecast.
There’s a new free 21 day meditation coming up by Oprah and Deepak. It’s about living our healthiest life. Here’s the link:

Meditation for me grows my compassion muscle. It shines a light on my mental stories and games that I play. If I can grow to like myself more, this helps me understand others on a deeper level. The road can feel bumpy…and it’s worth it.
Winter is upon us. We got treated to some snow and sliding! My daughter Alia Blue, who is eight years old, couldn’t get enough of the snow. One night after her bath, she decided to get her snow pants on for one more go! Yes, good thing! It melted fast.
Winter is Kidney/ Urinary Bladder time of year. Our energies are deep in the body. It’s important for me to check in to see what I am needing. If I try to do too much…argh it doesn’t feel good. At the same time, it’s important for me to keep my light shining bright and my Qi moving with some treatments, yoga, meditation, slow time with family, singing, walking, creativity…What are your tricks?
In Chinese Medicine, it’s time to keep the body warm and preserve our Qi, for Spring and Summer are around the corner. Change change change. Everything comes and goes.


My hours at the clinic are Mon, Wed, Fri…with some overflow Thursdays.
Remember you can text, call, email, or book online.
Looking forward to our visits.
Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM

Happy Holidays!


A big thank you to a beautiful year of healing. Enjoy all your blessings. Peace Peace and more Peace.
“To everything, turn, turn, turn
There is a season, turn, turn, turn…” by The Byrds

Here’s a meditation series put on by Ram Dass’s Love Serve Remember Foundation. It’s available until Jan 1st. This year’s theme: True Generosity


We have such a treasure inside all of us. The winter months are a great opportunity to explore and wonder.
It’s my last week in the clinic. I’ll be back on January 4th.
Peace and Joy to all of you

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

January 28th starts off the year of the Rooster.

Last year was the year of the Fire Monkey, which brought many surprises and good fortune. A lot of people felt pulled in different directions in 2016 but now in 2017, things are going to feel more grounded. (Continue reading by clicking the link below)


March 1st marks my first year anniversary in my new clinic in the Professional Building on Yates. Wow! Thank you for all your referrals and your confidence in me. I am so busy! So I have created Overflow Tuesdays. These are a few appointments not available online to help me deal with emergencies and to shorten the wait time for some of you. So if you can’t find an appointment that works for you. Text/ email or call 250.882.0659

Please note on March 1st, Acupuncture and Tuina Massage will be going up $5.

chinese clipart

Happy Year of the Rooster!

Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM




Welcome to Fall! Stay Healthy…Stay Balanced.

gigi_logo_200x200whiteArt Work by Patrick Vincentine

Yin Yang. What way does it go? I see it all kinds of ways. We’ll this is the way I learned it according to ancient scriptures and Chinese philosophy. The Emperor’s Palace faced South to receive the warm wind.  So, to the East (left) the sun would rise (yang). To the West (right) the sun would set and night would fall (yin). Now yang in this diagram is white, rising, warming. Yin in this diagram is black, falling, cooling, and condensing.

And so here we have the change in seasons as well. Now we are in the West (right) side of this diagram where the yang of all of Spring and Summer is now condensing into Fall, we start to nourish ourselves with all our harvests from the orchards and gardens. So the yang energy of all this bounty is now more tangible and has turned to yin nourishment as we move towards Fall and Winter ( a more yin time of the year).


This time of year, especially late August and September, is a time for prevention prevention prevention! Keep those lungs moist and open! Herbal immune tonics are fabulous. Pear sauce with ginger and cinnamon is a good idea too. Here are some of my go to prevention strategies for kids and adults. The Deep Immune and Deep Immune Kids by St Francis is an immune tonic to help prevent colds and flus and to help adapt to the change in weather and seasons. It’s a good way to keep your energy up and your spirits bright as we move towards darker and shorter days. The Ear Oil and Children’s Ear Formula is something I always have on hand, for those late night earaches that just break your heart. And of course we have the Oregano Oil for under the tongue when you feel something coming on for adults.



Keep yourself warm this Fall by adding ginger to just about everything! Choosing more cooked foods and steering away from cold damp foods like ice cream and melons will keep your body’s energies warm and moving.

Regular treatments help keep you “In Health”!


See you soon!

Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM