Let’s Connect!

Hello and big hugs to all of you. I have returned to Victoria after a week of hiking and biking with my family. Our family reunion plans to Guatemala were re-routed to Parksville. My husband and I decided Parksville beaches and trails would ease the blow of not seeing Grandma and Papa in the tropics…and it did!
I am sure things are feeling and looking differently for you too. I miss you and I am thinking of you! I have come up with some ideas I hope will address our needs. It’s a work in progress. Here goes:
I’m going to start calling my April bookings to check in with you to see how you are doing.
Next, I have set up 2 Telephone/Video options for us if you would like a longer more in-depth consultation.
30 Mins/$35
60 Mins/$80
Dr Bonnie Henry, our Provincial Health Officer has advised all Health Professionals to cease all non-essential services. I take this to mean non-acute or non-emergency care. This directive was received through my College (CTCMA) on March 23rd/2020. I have a stirring energy inside me that’s thinking, what about Preventative Care? or Convalescent Care? This is where Chinese Medicine has always provided so much hope and solutions. So whether it’s for emotional support, pain, herbal care and support, diet, acupressure protocols, yoga, meditation, breath work, you name it. I’m here. On my Schedulicity App, I have added 2 services to address these needs. These services can be done over the Phone, Messenger Video or Zoom. After I have checked in with you, I will cancel your in-clinic appointments for the month of April (we’ll start there). You can rebook your appointment as a Tele/Video if you would like a longer and more in-depth conversation. You can do this online now by clicking Schedule Now at the top of this page, or email, text, call 250.882.0659 gigivincentine@hotmail.com

Now we can connect no matter where you live!


We are never alone and please remember our bodies, mind and spirit have potentiality beyond words.
With Love
” I wish I could show you the astonishing light of your own being” Hafez

May we be filled with loving kindness
May we be well
May we be peaceful and at ease
May we be happy
May we know the depths of our true spacious nature
May we be healed in this moment
May we be free of fear