Welcome to Fall! Stay Healthy…Stay Balanced.

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Yin Yang. What way does it go? I see it all kinds of ways. We’ll this is the way I learned it according to ancient scriptures and Chinese philosophy. The Emperor’s Palace faced South to receive the warm wind.  So, to the East (left) the sun would rise (yang). To the West (right) the sun would set and night would fall (yin). Now yang in this diagram is white, rising, warming. Yin in this diagram is black, falling, cooling, and condensing.

And so here we have the change in seasons as well. Now we are in the West (right) side of this diagram where the yang of all of Spring and Summer is now condensing into Fall, we start to nourish ourselves with all our harvests from the orchards and gardens. So the yang energy of all this bounty is now more tangible and has turned to yin nourishment as we move towards Fall and Winter ( a more yin time of the year).


This time of year, especially late August and September, is a time for prevention prevention prevention! Keep those lungs moist and open! Herbal immune tonics are fabulous. Pear sauce with ginger and cinnamon is a good idea too. Here are some of my go to prevention strategies for kids and adults. The Deep Immune and Deep Immune Kids by St Francis is an immune tonic to help prevent colds and flus and to help adapt to the change in weather and seasons. It’s a good way to keep your energy up and your spirits bright as we move towards darker and shorter days. The Ear Oil and Children’s Ear Formula is something I always have on hand, for those late night earaches that just break your heart. And of course we have the Oregano Oil for under the tongue when you feel something coming on for adults.



Keep yourself warm this Fall by adding ginger to just about everything! Choosing more cooked foods and steering away from cold damp foods like ice cream and melons will keep your body’s energies warm and moving.

Regular treatments help keep you “In Health”!


See you soon!

Gigi Vincentine Dr. TCM



Some pics from the Health Show!!!

A great day at the Health and Wellness Festival yesterday.  A big thank you to my volunteers Mateo and Alia.  They showed everyone how fun acupuncture can be for kids.  We also demonstrated some cupping, guasha, and tuina techniques.  How fun! I was so happy.

I met many new vendors and practitioners in our community.  That was really special.  I also had lots of new patients try out new techniques and overcome their fear or hesitation about acupuncture. I achieved all my goals:)

It was a pleasure to share the day with Glennis and all the Simple Remedies fans.

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Pediatrics: Acupuncture,Shoni-Shin,Cupping,Ear Seeds And Fun!


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Kids are wonderful to work with. I feel blessed every time to be a part of their healing process. Whether it’s Shoni-Shin, Acupuncture, GuaSha, Massage, Ear Seeds or Herbs, they all seem very proud of themselves when they leave my clinic.

Upper Respiratory Illnesses can be quite stressful in the home.  Lots of sleepless nights and maybe a few trips to the doctor.  Acupuncture, Shoni-shin, and herbs are great treatment options for those looking for alternative therapies.  Chronic ear infections, asthma, low immunity, constipation are just some of the recent concerns I have seen in my clinic.  If you have a concern about your child or baby, come by the clinic or email me.

For more information visit my website under Clinic Services: Pediatric Shoni-Shin Treatment

Pediatric Acupuncture /Shoni-Shin Treatment

or visit Robin Green’s site: http://www.kidsloveacupuncture.com/